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Permaslide waterslide  ink transfers (Decals) decals are in use today on, Busses, Pool Cues, Glassware, Baseball Bats, Bird Feeders, Golf Clubs, Fiberglass Showers, Waterslide decals for Wall Tile, Wall Murals, Boats, Air Craft, and Model Air Planes, Ceramic Pendants, Glass Vase, Motorcycles Helmets, Hockey Sticks, Cigarette lighters, Whisky Flasks, Guitars, Stainless Steel Thermos, Travel Mugs, Point of purchase displays, Cameras , Waterslide decals for Cell Phones, Auto and Bicyclical Restoration projects. Just to name a few uses for waterslide decals.


Why Use Decals

What is Permaslide?

Permaslide is a Permanent, durable, low profile ink transfer waterslide decal with or without a removable pre-mask that can be printed in lithography for fine detail, screen printed for outdoor durability and Digital printed for large applications.



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