Permaslide Ink Transfer Waterslide Decal (The Un-Decal Transfer ) A Superior Decorating Option, which leaves only the ink. Only .12 Microns thin. A high resolution graphic image with bright vivid colors that will catch your customers attention.

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Perma-slide Waterslide Decals

 A Superior Waterslide Decals Transfer.


  Perma-slide  waterslide decals have already set new standards for high quality decorating all over the world. Ink Transfer meets the un-decal.


 Packaging speaks volumes. What your product says to the consumer can make or break your sales.  Go beyond the limitations of a paper transfers, vinyl sticker and conventional decals. Avoid the inconsistencies of a low quality and poor registration of direct screening this is a one-of-a-kind look that you can only obtain by using a Permaslide Waterslide Decal (Ink Transfer)

What is Permaslide Ink Transfer?

A durable, low profile, waterslide applied ink transfer system with or without a  removable pre-mask.  The only wet transfer marking that leaves just the ink or graphic on the surface. There is no film edge as in all vinyl application decals.

  Our Internationally Patented process has excellent adhesion to almost all materials, aluminum, metals, stainless steel, glass, ceramic,  powder coated surfaces, fiberglass, painted surfaces, ABS Plastic and most PVC.  Combined this with high resolution litho, screen or digitally printed transfers with or without UV protection and you have the ultimate graphic transfer system.

  When it comes to printing, Giraphix is AHEAD above the rest. We can transfer your designs to virtually any, tile, wood, metal, name it, we do it. Anxious to make a statement but don't know where to start??? Give us a Call.

  Permaslide decals are replacing ceramic and glass decals, due to tighter FDA regulations and High energy costs associated with high temperature ceramic application. Lets not forget to mention the cleaner colors and expanded color pallet.



 Perma-slide waterslide decal ink transfers (Decals) are in use today on, Busses, Pool Cues, Glassware, Baseball Bats, Bird Feeders, Golf Clubs, Fiberglass Showers, Bathroom Tile, Wall Murals, Basketball Courts, Boats, Ceramic Pendants, Motorcycles Helmets, Fenders and Gas Tanks, Cigarette lighters, Whisky Flasks, Guitars, Stainless Steel Thermos, Travel Mugs, Point of purchase displays, Cameras , Cell Phones, Auto and Bicyclical Restoration projects. Just to name a few.


Our mission is to provide innovative and reliable solutions that offer flexible options for the application of surface graphics to all materials, and to support the ability of our clients to enjoy opportunities they simply could not otherwise consider. We take your commodity products and make them distinctive just like you! In addition to our latest technical bulletins, newsletters and videos, our recognized experts are eager to assist.

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